The Brockwell
Bake Association
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Brockwell Bake 2009 > page 1

getting started, but no tent walls yet   >

first pizza takers   >

Jonathan Cook, secretary of the Traditional Cornmillers Guild, water and wind millers of the UK, at the ready with the TCMG membersí produce on offer   >

the stone ground ultimate sutainably powered flour collection   >

the trophy collection with virtual windmill horse brasses thanks to posties walking out   >

early pizza making people   >

Pizza making   >

Pizza making   >

judges at work (?)   >

sourdough entry, pic Chris Young   >

entries chopped up for judging, pic Chris Young   >

pic Chris Young   >

pic Chris Young   >

the judges, pic Chris Young   >

more work! seriously, just a quick break   >
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