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Melton Mowbray: Whissendine Windmill & pizzas > page 1

Whissendine Windmill 30/9/09: shades (or shutters) open therefore not running   >

shades closed therefore running   >

front door   >

The millerís mother, Ruth with Traditional Cornmillers Guild plate   >

main íreelí flour dresser in use, with panel removed to show drum spinning covered with fine wire mesh on 1st ímealí floor   >

stone governor at rest on 2nd floor   >

sack hoist trap door on stone floor with sack control string next to chain   >

toggle control for the sack hoist   >
Nigel Moon, the miller checking the running stones on 3rd ístonesí floor   >

French Burr stone set, this one driven from below   >

stone nut stripped   >

French Burr stone set running with spur in front   >

Nigel showing how end of bell alarm system is placed in hopper   >
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