The Brockwell
Bake Association
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1st annual Brockwell Bake, August 31st 2008 > page 1

a very drizzly grey start to the day, looking out from Michael the Baker’s tent with his oven next to the competition marquee   >

Michael’s work top   >

Judging starting with miller/baker, Mervin Austin and Dan Lepard and Giuseppe in front of the tarts   >
the other Judging team at work, Peter Tatchell and Marie-Christine Austin with judges’ secretary, David Whitehouse   >

could that be a contestant trying to listen in on the judges?   >

the millers’ table with flours and literature   >
  >   >   >

Dan slicing and David calculating   >

Judges in front of white wheat bread   >
  >   >
paparazzo gets spotted   >
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